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A Year Later, Rain-Caused Landslide Still Leaves School in Ruins

One year after a rain-induced landslide washed away the primary government school in Sarkhet and severely damaged the secondary school, the structure is still in desperate need of repairs. At least ten locals were killed in the disaster. The primary school is still buried under debris, and the 29 students continue to attend classes alongside the secondary school’s 23 students. The side entrance to the premises, which is more commonly used by students, staff, and locals, is still blocked by a pole with nails protruding from it.

Several requests, reminders, and complaints to the education department went unanswered. One year later, the boundary is still damaged, with the washrooms perilously perched on the cliff below, where the river is currently in full spate. The recent collapse of the Doon Defense Academy building has heightened our concerns,” said Pushpal Madhwal, principal of the school.

Teachers reported that student attendance was extremely low during the monsoon, with parents concerned about their children’s safety, especially given the school’s dilapidated condition. The education department has not provided funds for even some of the necessary repairs to the school.

Parents and staff are concerned that if a similar disaster strikes again, the school will be unable to withstand further devastation, let alone the threat to students’ and teachers’ lives. The education department claims that this problem will be resolved by 2026. Meanwhile, educators in all such establishments claim that parents are afraid to send their children to school, which is why attendance is low during the monsoon.

the school that was destroyed by a rain-induced landslide is still in ruins

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