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The lost temple : Hoysaleswara Temple, Karnataka

The walls of Hoysaleswara Temple in Halebidu, Karnataka, India, are adorned with intricate sculptures of several Hindu deities.The Hoysaleswara temple,

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How Vishnu Became Badrinarayan in The Legend of Nara-Narayana

Origin How Vishnu Became Badrinarayan is a question that relates to the legend behind the Badrinath Temple. One of the holiest Hindu pilgrimage locations, the Badrinath Temple is associated with the narrative of How Vishnu Became Badrinarayan. The story goes that when Sage Narada observed Vishnu's spouse Lakshmi stroking his feet, he reprimanded Vishnu. Narada believed that Vishnu needed to do penance because he indulged too much in worldly pleasures.

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