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Uttarakhand Witnesses Historic Drug Bust Worth Rs 24 Crore During Second Wave of COVID-19

In an unprecedented operation, authorities in Uttarakhand seize a record-breaking amount of drugs amidst the second wave of the pandemic, intensifying efforts against drug trafficking.

Dehradun: Uttarakhand’s battle against the second wave of COVID-19 has revealed an alarming surge in the illegal drug trade.

Law enforcement agencies have made a groundbreaking seizure of drugs worth over Rs 24 crore, marking the highest value ever confiscated in the state.

This significant operation sheds light on the growing challenge posed by drug traffickers during the pandemic.

Exploiting the Pandemic Chaos: Rising Drug Trade

While the world continues to grapple with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, criminal networks have adapted to the chaos, utilizing the crisis to further their illicit activities.

Uttarakhand has witnessed a sharp rise in the drug trade during the second wave. Exploiting the overwhelmed healthcare system and the strict restrictions in place, drug peddlers have managed to operate discreetly, exacerbating the existing challenges for law enforcement agencies.

“We have always remained vigilant against drug menace in the state and taken prompt action based on the inputs from informers. We will continue to be on our toes.”

Deputy inspector general of police (STF), Senthil Avoodai Krishna Raj S, said,

A Historic Seizure

In a major blow to the drug trafficking networks, law enforcement agencies launched a series of targeted operations across Uttarakhand.

Their relentless efforts paid off as they successfully confiscated drugs worth an unprecedented Rs 26 crore, setting a new record for the state.

The seized narcotics included a variety of substances such as heroin, cocaine, cannabis, and synthetic drugs, reflecting the diverse range of illegal activities taking place.

Drugs worth Rs 26.4 crore, which cops termed as “the highest seizure in the state’s history”, during the devastating second wave of Covid- 19 pandemic.

According to the data shared by cops, the market value of drugs recovered in 2021 was more than double of the previous year when drugs worth Rs 12.9 crore were seized, with 1,449 arrests under the Narcotic Drugs and

Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act.

As per cops, among the major drugs seized in 2021 were hashish (281.8 kg), smack (18.1 kg), marijuana (1,612 kg), opium husk (221 kg), heroin (1.22 kg), opioids (1,18,361) and injectives (9,992).

The data also revealed that of all the 13 districts, Udham Singh Nagar recorded the maximum seizure of drugs worth Rs 8.9 crore, followed by Dehradun (Rs 8.04 crore) and Haridwar (Rs 5.28 crore).

In terms of specific drugs, Dehradun repo the biggest seizure of smack (5.11 kg), Haridwar reported maximum opioid seizure (1,04,653) and US Nagar maximum opium seizure (13.7kg).

Multiple Arrests: Unmasking the Culprits

To dismantle these intricate drug networks and bring the perpetrators to justice, law enforcement agencies carried out a series of coordinated raids. As a result, several individuals involved in the illegal drug trade were apprehended.

While the identities of the arrested individuals have not been disclosed by authorities, it is believed that they are part of larger criminal networks operating beyond state borders, underscoring the interconnected nature of the drug trade.

Strengthening the Fight Against Drug Trafficking

The staggering value of the seized drugs underscores the urgent need for bolstered measures to combat drug trafficking in Uttarakhand.

The police force, in close collaboration with intelligence agencies, is intensifying their efforts to track down drug smugglers and disrupt their operations. Enhanced surveillance, improved intelligence sharing, and inter-agency cooperation are among the strategies being implemented to curtail the menace of illicit drugs in the state.

Promoting Awareness and Rehabilitation Initiatives

Recognizing the significance of preventive measures, the government and concerned authorities are actively engaged in raising public awareness about the dangers of drug abuse.

Extensive educational campaigns, seminars, and workshops are being conducted to enlighten the youth and vulnerable sections of society about the dire consequences of drug addiction.

Furthermore, efforts to expand rehabilitation and counseling services for those affected by substance abuse are being prioritized to provide necessary support and aid in their recovery.

At The End

The recent historic drug seizure worth Rs 26 crore during Uttarakhand’s second wave of COVID-19 has illuminated the alarming rise of drug trafficking in the state. Authorities are intensifying their operations to dismantle drug networks, make arrests, and disrupt illegal activities.

Simultaneously, public awareness campaigns and rehabilitation programs are being emphasized to tackle the root causes of drug addiction and offer assistance to affected individuals. As the battle against the pandemic continues,

Uttarakhand remains committed to combating the persistent challenge of drug trafficking and protecting its citizens.

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